The FloTron™ is a high-speed multi-channel active feedback process monitoring and control system designed for real time, in-situ control of low temperature plasma-based process. For example Reactive Magnetron Sputtering, Ion & Plasma processing, Reactive Electron Beam (EB) evaporation, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD), Plasma Etching.

The FloTron™ is a compact, complete, flexible and economical solution, which is convenient to use and can be readily integrated into new as well as existing vacuum systems.

FloTron™ system types

The following four families of FloTron™ systems are available:

  • FloTron™

    a multi-channel process control system featuring optical monitoring using a photo-diode with a narrow bandpass filter and analog/digital voltage sensor inputs and actuator outputs.

  • FloTron™ X

    a multi-channel process control system featuring optical monitoring using a CCD spectrometer and analog/digital voltage sensor inputs and actuator outputs.

  • FloTron™ H

    a multi-channel process control system which allows having both monitoring technologies, i.e. a photo-diode with a narrow bandpass filter and a fast CCD spectrometer, in one compact unit.

  • FloTron™ I

Any FloTron™ system can be configured flexibly in terms of sensor inputs to suit different application requirements.

FloTron™ system sizes

FloTron™ systems are available in three sizes - 3, 5 and 9 channel. Each channel can be used to control an actuator, such as Mass Flow Controller or a power supply.

Why FloTron™?

  • Rugged and compact design

    FloTron™ systems are reliable and robust. Thus minimal or no technical support/service required. Hardware and software developed for real industrial environments and processes.

  • Industrial communication interfaces

    In addition to standard Ethernet and 4-wire RS485, well documented industrial interfaces for OEMs are available on all FloTron™ systems. PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, etc.

  • Automation of process set-up

    Built-in automation routines to save time during process set-up.

  • Process support

    Process know-how, expertise and training is available to you at every stage including remote and on-site support.

  • Clean User Interface and easy to tune process control algorithms with as little as two coeficients

What FloTron™ can do for your process?

  • High accuracy process control

    provides required levels of stability and process-to-process repeatability. Especially useful in Reactive Magnetron Sputtering or any other processes prone to non-linear changes and drifts.

  • Process and plasma monitoring

    Plasma based Physical Vapour deposition (Magnetron Sputtering, Electron Beam and Cathodic Arc Evaporation), Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition, Plasma Etching, etc.

  • Increase production rate

    2-4 times typical for most materials in Reactive Magnetron Sputtering.

  • Improve plant economy

    Sputter target lifetime -> less frequent target change, more coating produced from the same target volume (e.g. Si ...). Return of Investment (RoI) on a FloTron™ system is typically

  • Improve coating uniformity

    Large area in-line or R2R web coating.

  • Log process data and replay logged data

    All logged process data can be replayed using a FloTron™ Player for off-line process analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Improve dramatically coating physical properties
  • Help reduce arcing and macro and micro defects

More FloTron™ advantages

  • 7+ models

    7+ models to suit any industrial process or R&D application requirement.

  • from SMALL to LARGE

    3, 5 and 9 channel FloTron™ systems to cover any system size or number of processes. Up to 7-zone reactive gas control is possible using just one FloTron™ system.

  • Economical 3-zone processing

    5-channel FloTron™ systems are perfect for most 3 –zone processing needs.

  • Fast proprietary control algorithms

    PID and PDF. PID-based algorithm – covers 99% of control engineers thus eliminating or reducing significantly the learning curve. PDF-based algorithm – offers unique performance. Both are easy to tune.

  • Robust and reliable sensor assemblies

    Standard optical plasma monitoring assemblies (OA-01), bespoke optical plasma monitoring assemblies. Remote Plasma sensor head (RP-01) for (reactive) gas p.p. monitoring (e.g. nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen). RP-01 features robust design and fully integratetion with FloTron™.

  • Longer life of components

    Longer life of components is ensured by proprietary built-in system health check routines.

  • Choice of optical monitor head designs

    3 options for PVD and a design for PECVD.

  • HIPIMS P.E.M. sensor

    Unique intelligent design providing excellent signal for a wide range of HIPIMS pulse frequencies. Will deal comfortably with pulses coming in at irregular intervals.

  • Software libraries

    JAVA and .Net DLL libraries.